ReardonSmith has won conditional consent for the renovation and expansion of one of Eire’s best-known country house hotels, Cashel Palace, to become a modern hotel destination encompassing 61 keys, grand function areas and a new spa.

The historical inheritance of the site itself proved an exciting and motivating framework in which to develop the architectural proposal. ReardonSmith’s scheme gave particular attention to the relationship of the existing buildings with their surrounding gardens; the harmonious integration of a busy luxury hotel with its immediate neighbour, the town of Cashel; and the scale and orientation of the planned new buildings to ensure that a sense of hierarchy would be achieved in which the original property would be respected and celebrated.

Conservation was a key concern and ReardonSmith worked closely with a specialist consultant to determine what was to be restored and what should be removed. The 25-acre estate is laced by an extensive network of walls, some of which date back to medieval times, and these played a key role in the design directions. The existing interface elements between the original building and subsequent additions to the 20th Century hotel were also reviewed and found to be unsympathetic to the character and symmetry of the Palace. As a result, the proposal was to replace these with minimal facades that would “disappear” between the two buildings. The ReardonSmith plan also included the renovation of the Manager’s House accommodation and the conversion of the Gate Lodge into a guest suite.

RSA RoleArchitect
Project StatusConditional Consent Gained