Two early 20th Century buildings in the historic district of Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi, are the starting point for the new Hyatt Regency. These listed buildings will form the front and rear of the hotel with a new building in-between designed around a winter garden which will be the heart of the new hotel.

The concept has sought to preserve the architectural  inheritance and enhance it by adopting the dominant styling of the existing façade overlooking Rustaveli Avenue – the most prestigious boulevard in Tbilisi. The elegant mansard roof of this building has been used as reference in completing the building envelope and in introducing a tiered roof extension to the rear building. The new roof details, corner turrets and dormer windows will be recognisable within the architectural vernacular of this part of the city, serving to complete the building in a considered manner. A central axis to the ground floor has been defined with all public areas arranged off this. A series of classically inspired spaces lead into and surround the winter garden, generating a sense of balance and proportion which will continue into the interior design.

The plan has achieved 170 guestrooms, four F&B venues, over 8,000 sq feet of function space and a spa and fitness centre.
ClientRustaveli Property Ltd
ProjectConversion and extension
RSA RoleArchitect
Project StatusEnabling works commenced on-site