ReardonSmith undertook a major conceptual masterplan study for the development of the harbour at Victoria, the delightful capital of the Seychelles archipelago. The client's brief included the renovation and up-grading of the existing harbour to accommodate a large marina together with a new high-end water-front 'town' to encompass residential, retail, leisure and hotel accommodation.

As a starting point, we researched Creole architecture, other vernacular elements and appropriate materials. The components of the masterplan were carefully orchestrated to be slightly varied one from another so as to ensure a diverse environment which, while sensitively responding to local influences, was not simply a pastiche. Instead, the concept was to create a cohesive mosaic where each element, contemporary and traditional, supports the others by means of contrast or similarity.

As the site is focused around the ocean, water bodies will weave through it, creating a careful pattern of land and water; at the mouth of the harbour, Romanville Island, an existing man-made island, was proposed as the most exclusive element of the plan. The island was to have its own small harbour with a sanctuary style hotel, luxury villas, private members' club and a stylish waterside retail offering. Underpinning the entire concept, was the commitment to sustainable development in terms of occupation, function, service and materials.

ClientBoka Fund
ProjectMarina development
LocationThe Seychelles
RSA RoleMasterplanners
Project StatusStudy completed