ReardonSmith worked closely with the Dal Pozzo family, the owners of Il Castello Dal Pozzo, to produce an ‘audit’ of the entire estate at a time when the family was considering opening certain rooms in the castle to paying guests. The neo-gothic 19th century Castle, together with the Palazzo Visconti - a 42-guestroom hotel – and a magnificent glass green house and out-buildings were set in idyllic parkland, typical of 19th century Italian landscaping, complete with spacious lawns featuring an ornamental lake and an island of weeping willows as well as an abundant variety of rare trees. Most areas of the site enjoyed a clear view of Lake Maggiore, rendering this retreat utterly unique.

Our study fully respected the historic influences throughout the estate. At the same time, it included a commercially viable plan to rework the internal planning of the 19th century castle to create an efficient guest facility, with exclusive guestrooms and dining facilities whilst still maintaining privacy for the Dal Pozzo family who were intending to continue living in a wing of the castle. A conversion of the exceptionally beautiful greenhouse was proposed to create a luxurious retreat spa offering the highest quality treatments in a completely tranquil environment. In addition, the design scheme for The Palazzo Visconti was audited by ReardonSmith in order to assist the local architect in the overall planning and general arrangement of the building.

ClientDal Pozzo family
ProjectArchitectural Study
RSA RoleArchitect
Project StatusCompleted