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Company Profile

ReardonSmith Architects is an award-winning global leader in hotel and resort design. We have an unrivalled track record in the restoration and rebuilding of luxury hotels in London, an enviable reputation for the design of new destinations in Europe and the widest experience of hotel architecture across the entire spectrum of new-build and existing estates. The company’s achievement stems from a profound understanding of hotels as an asset, an operation and as a guest experience.

The practice has specialised exclusively in the design of hotels and resorts for over 25 years, and today has a portfolio of work that encompasses iconic hotels, visionary schemes, glamorous destinations and many of the preferred business and leisure hotels around the world. Projects are located across Western, Central and Eastern Europe, North and Southern Africa, the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean.

Based near London Bridge, ReardonSmith employs some 44 architects and technicians, and is led by a founding partner and a senior management team as well as by a senior team of talented individuals, all of whom have distinguished careers in hotel design.

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ReardonSmith offers the full scope of architectural services, fine–tuned to meet the particular needs of the client, and often acts as lead consultant, helping to select and co–ordinate the project team and running a fully staffed site office. When asked to provide a ‘one stop’ architecture and design service, we are able to recommend and help select the interior design consultancy best suited to the particular project and can then assume contractual responsibility for the chosen company. Our role may also extend to ensuring that the design schemes are implemented to the highest quality level.

Alternatively, clients sometimes employ us for specific phases of the project; typically on overseas projects we hand over to a local architect once our developed designs are approved, retaining a watching brief during construction. Since many of our projects inextricably link the buildings that we design with their environment, the practice includes a dedicated landscape design team. ReardonSmith Landscape allows us to create unity from the intimate relationship that exists between architecture and landscape across urban, rural and resort projects.